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Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4pm

Sunday Masses are at 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am, 12noon, 6pm (except Father's Day through the second Sunday of September) Weekday Masses are at 6:45am and 9am Saturday Daily Mass is at 8am

Holy Days and Holidays: Please call 978-686-4050 or check our weekly bulletin

Televised 10:30am Sunday Morning Mass shown on Thursday at 11am and Sunday at noon on Verizon channel 24 and Thursday at 11am and Sunday at noon on Comcast channel 22

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Faith Formation Grades 1-8

The Religious Education ministry is involved in instructing over 1200 public school children in grades 1-8 in the Catholic Faith, including preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. Our volunteer teachers share their faith, their experiences and their love for God with these enthusiastic young people. Students also participate in large group activities, including community building and prayer activities.

Participation: 1 hour classes, Sunday through Wednesday, September through April.

Grade Level Themes
Grade Theme
Grade 1 Growing in God’s Love
Grade 2 Jesus as a Gift to the Child within the Christian Community
Grade 3 The Church, The Christian Community, Continues the Mission of Jesus
Grade 4 God Calls us into a Deeper Relationship through the Commandments and the Beatitudes
Grade 5 Growing in our Relationship with God through the Sacraments
Grade 6 The Covenant as a Testament

Between God and Israel in the Jewish Scriptures and Between God and the Whole Human Community in the Christian Scriptures Established by the Blood of Jesus Christ

Grade 7 The Person, Message and Mission of Jesus
Grade 8 The History and Mission of the Roman Catholic Church
Grades 9-10 Confirmation and Preparation - click here for more info
Grades 6-12 Youth Ministry and Peer Ministry - Click here for more info

Here at Saint Michael’s we strive to have a flexible program designed to meet the needs of all our students and all of our teachers. We offer after school classes that are taught at Saint Michael’s School on Maple Avenue. We also offer neighborhood classes taught in the homes of our teachers.

Private home study is another available option for all grades, except grade two. Private home study is a parent taking the responsibility of teaching his/her child at home with catechism and support offered by the parish when questions arise. Parents teaching their own children gives interested parents the opportunity to be the influential value communicator and religious instructor for their own child.

Family participation is a key ingredient in whatever class option you choose. We have an open door policy, so feel free to visit any time.

"For even Jesus did not come to be served; He came to serve and to give His life to redeem many people."
Mark 10:45

Special Activities
  • First Communion Reunion
  • Remembering our Saints Service
  • Instructional Baptism
  • Passover Prayer Service
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Days of Reflection
  • Family Penance Services
We are dedicated to your children and want to meet their unique needs. It is never too early to show children how much God loves them.

Being a religious education teacher is a special way to share your faith with the youth of today. If you are interested in this type of rewarding experience, please contact us.

We need your ideas to make this program work. Please do not hesitate to call us with your suggestion. For more information about any of our programs or how you can help, please call the Religious Education Office at 978-682-9484 or e-mail.

Faith Formation Team
Grade Theme Contact Information
Grades 1-5 Maryann Marinelli
Nancy Riley
Bonnie Spurr
Middle School (Grades 6-8) Kim Silk
Pam McKallagat
High School Kristi Hale 978-686-4050
All Grades Mary Alice Rock 978-686-4050